• Run Cycle
    A new run cycle I made while testing the Body Mechanics rig pack by Joe Daniels. So far they are pretty neat!  
  • Milling – Use
    Milling – Use
    Milling building use animation. Responsible for all the the rigging and animation.
  • Cowardly Cow 2
    Cowardly Cow 2
    Another Loop of the same animation suite. Just an in place loop for when the cow is in an “interrupted” state.
  • Cowardly Cow 1
    Cowardly Cow 1
    A little cartoony take I made with one of our cute cows ^___^. It had been a long time since I had animated to a metronome.
  • Kikosho!
    I’m a big fan of 2D Fighting games. I think animation in those games is top notch, so I took a stab at trying to replicate a sprite sequence using 3D.  Good ol’ Kikosho!
  • Ranged Attack Test
    Ranged Attack Test
    Part Two of the test I made for Cryptic. They seemed to like it, since I got a call back Credits: Rigging and Animation: Alejandro Rodriguez Model: Erik Kwon.
  • Melee Attack
    Melee Attack
    A quick test I put together for the folks at Cryptic Studios using a rig I made. Rigging and Animation: Alejandro Rodriguez Model: Erik Kwon  
  • Walk Cycle
    Walk Cycle
    I made this a long while back as an evil villain walk test. Responsible for animation.
  • Peasant Dance
    Peasant Dance
    A little peasant dance loop that was used for the Jester and the Inn. Responsible for Animation.
  • Leeches
    This guy was fun. Leeches… I came in to work one day, and my lead told me “How would you like to animate some guy harvesting leeches?”   It’s moments like that why I loved animating for the Sims so much.
  • Pit Monster of Doom
    Pit Monster of Doom
    The nice, and amicable Pit Monster of Doom. Featured as an interaction world object in the Sims Medieval. Responsible for the Animation and Creature Rigging.  
  • Hellgate Monster
    Hellgate Monster
    This is a Monster I rigged, and animated for Hellgate London. It was rigged using CAT on 3DSMAX.